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Usually I play at either the funeral or memorial service or at the interment. I may open the ceremony, depending on the family’s wishes, with a slow air, a funeral march or a traditional Scottish or Irish folk tune. Although I have played at services for people of many different ancestries, the most common funerals are Scottish or Irish. I have tunes appropriate for both. Scottish funerals may include, Flowers of the Forest, Going Home, or the Mist-covered Mountains (which the U.S. Air Force Pipe Band played at President Kennedy's funeral in 1963.) Irish funerals often include Minstrel Boy, the Dark Isle, the King of Laoise, or Mo Ghile Mear (Our Hero). At almost every funeral, the family has me play Amazing Grace at the end as the deceased is carried from the sanctuary to the hearse. There is nothing more fitting than the Highland pipes to accompany the final farewell to your loved one.